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The Arab Society of Certified Accountants

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Establishment Date: 1984
Goals: Improving the profession of accounting and auditing and other related specialties that are used in the professional services that are provided by accountants in all fields including industry and commerce at the level of the Arab world, preserving the independency of accountants and ensuring their protection and applying standards of professional supervision to them as a means to upgrade their level in the field of accounting and auditing, developing and facilitating the publishing of scientific and professional information and exchanging it between accountants and professionals through holding conferences, meetings, seminars, training programs and scientific meetings and encouraging scientific and occupational research.
Members: 33 Member
Branches: None
President: Talal Abu Ghazaleh
Managing Board: Vice'eed sleman, ibrahim nkhaleh
Secretary:. mohamad abu shareha.
treasurer: ramadan naser
Members: ilias neno, mohamed alazraq, azez abd alqader, rafeq dwick, ramez alzaghah
Election Period: -
Last Election: -
Telephone: 065100900
Fax: 065100803
Address: Amman – Shmaisani – Abd Al Raheem Al Wakid St.- Bldg No. 46
P.O.Box: 921100 Amman 11192 Jordan