The Pilot Martyr "Yazan Aranki" Charitable Society


Establish an integrated clinic that provides free treatment, provide job opportunities, support students in schools and universities, help persons with special needs and train them on sport activities.


  • Establishment Date: 2008
  • Members:
  • Branches: -
  • President: Elham Zyadat Aranki
  • Managing Board: Vice president: Bassam Hanna Aranki.

    Secretary: Razan Basam Aranki.

    Treasurer: jiolate Mousa Zyadat.

    Members: Fadi Bassam Aranki, Jozeph Mousa Zyadat, Hilanah Mousa Zyadat.
  • Election Period: 3 years
  • Last Election: 2015

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