Energy and Oil Shale Research Centre – Tafileh Technical University


Use of modern scientific techniques and apply them in the areas of optimal energy utilization and preservation and strengthen cooperation between the educational and industrial sector in the southern region and raise awareness of the importance of renewable energy in creating and maintaining a clean environment. It also contributes to supporting scientific and creative research in the fields of renewable energy and fuel substitutes, conducting practical studies related to energy technology and focusing on exploiting mineral resources in the South region with advanced technology. It also supports research related to the environment and its conservation, In the audit of energy consumption and energy efficiency and focuses on supporting efforts in the search for new water sources due to water scarcity in different seasons. The use of modern technologies and harnessing water treatment, Worked out and rehabilitated and contribute to the dissemination the culture of energy conservation, which will provide significant costs and increases the competitiveness of Jordanian goods.


  • Establishment Date: 2009
  • Members:
  • Branches:
  • President: Ayman Alrawajfeh.
  • Managing Board:
  • Election Period:
  • Last Election:

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