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Almersad for Capacity Building

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Establishment Date: 8/5/2018
Goals: - Cooperation with official and non-official organizations, bodies and institutions.
- Provide training for citizens and individuals in the legal field.
- Training and capacity building of legal and administrative staff.
- Holding workshops, courses, and training aimed at developing and raising awareness of civil society from the legal and environmental aspects.
- Contribute to the development of the capacities of companies, institutions, and bodies on social responsibility and raise awareness in the institutions and motivate them to expand the scope of the social role to serve the local community through training workshops and others, in the interest of the company and in accordance with the law.
- Holding training courses in human rights within democratic concepts.
- Training in the field of good governance and promoting the principles of integrity, transparency, justice, and tolerance.
- Legal awareness of civil society and active participation of young people in political action.
- Organizing courses, conferences, and camps in the field of medical organization.
- Effective participation in political work and political awareness.
Members: 10 members
Branches: -
President: Diaa Yousef Ahmad Al Rahahleh
Managing Board: -
Election Period: 5 years
Last Election: 2018
Website: -
Telephone: 0776650322
Fax: -
Address: Dabouq - Near to Al Hussein Parks
P.O.Box: -