National Center for Civil Protection


- The National Center in Jordan is one of the tools of supervision, supervision, research, investigation, studies, receipt of complaints, monitoring, follow-up violations and mistake issued by all institutions and security services or prisons and other public or private institutions.
- The Center works to remove the damage from all parties in the service of the public interest and building a society of justice and equality.
- To promote transparency, human freedom and dignity in addition to dissemination of human rights principles and culture.


  • Establishment Date: 2008
  • Members: 700 members
  • Branches:
  • President: Mohammad Al Qaisi
  • Managing Board: Vice President: Baraa Rabaiaa
    Secretary: Huthaifah Al Qaisi
    Treasurer: Hadeel Al Hardan
  • Election Period: 2 years
  • Last Election: 2017

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