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Jordanian Society for Political Sciences

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Establishment Date: 1997
Goals: - Upgrading the profession of teaching in political science, and encouraging professional specialization.

- Encouraging and supporting research and scientific studies, and working on the rehabilitation of researchers in political science to provide research that meets the needs of Jordanian and Arab society and the publication of a magazine publish such research and studies.

- Activate the translation movement to and from the Arabic language, which contributes to the promotion and modernization of knowledge in the field of political science and openness to other cultures.

- Encourage field research and work to develop and discover research methods and tools suitable for the Jordanian and Arab environment.

- To establish a documentary activity for the data and information on political science and facilitate its dissemination and exchange among workers in this field.

- Organizing and sponsoring conferences and scientific seminars and participating in them on various levels.

- Strengthen relations and exchange of experience among the specialized staff in the field of political science and enhance communication and cooperation among them to create the appropriate cultural atmosphere to highlight the abilities of creators and encourage creativity and originality.

- Establishing relations with similar associations, both Arab and international, which helps in promoting political science.

- Take care of the interests of the members of the physical and moral society and defend their rights and their gains, in addition to strengthen social relations among the members of the association in order to enhance the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

- The Association seeks to achieve its objectives under the umbrella of the Jordanian Constitution and the laws in force in the Kingdom taking into consideration the supreme national interest in all its activities.
Members: 122 members
President: Mohammad Masalha
Managing Board: Vice President: Dr.Nizam Barakat
Secretary: Dr. Jamal Al Shalabi.
Treasurer: Dr. Shem Al-Majali
Election Period: 2 years
Last Election: 2020
Telephone: 0779651083
Address: The investment building of the University of Jordan, next to the northern gate, opposite Wael Library.