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Jordan Medical Association

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Establishment Date: 1954
Goals: Enhancing the status of the profession, protecting it, and organising it, cooperating with ministries and institutions concerned with developing and raising the level of health services in order to provide the best medical services for Jordanian citizens, uniting doctors, defending their rights, and keeping the profession’s ethics, providing decent life for dentists and their families in cases of physical disability, elderly, or death and networking with Jordanian dentists outside the country; and with Arab and foreign dental associations.
Members: 28000members till 2016
Branches: -
President: Dr. Ali Dawood Ali Al Abous
Managing Board: Vice-President: Dr Adnan Abdullah Khalil Aldmour
Secretary: Dr. Nidal Gamal Hosni Badran
Treasurer: Dr. Munir Taleb Ahmed Shawakfeh
Election Period: Two years
Last Election: 2019
Telephone: 620 65 56 06 – 161 66 56 06
Fax: 435 86 56 06
Address: Complex of professional associations – Shmesani - Amman
P.O.Box: 915 Amman